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My story may sound familiar.

As a child and young adult, compromised health meant recurring illness, an overload of stress, panic attacks, and more. Later, a divorce led to single-fatherhood. Like everyone else, my life had its share of challenges. However, I eventually realized that challenges are there for an important purpose: they teach us valuable lessons we can use to transform our lives, and as a result, help others. This realization was a turning point in my life, and I now use my training and real life experiences to help others improve the quality of their lives.

Challenges leading to opportunity.

We all want to be happy and enjoy our lives. I was no different. I wanted to live a happier life, but struggled to do so. After many years of feeling unhealthy and unhappy, I finally realized that continuing to do the same things would give me the same results: more unhealthy and unhappy days. I made some difficult decisions and then the changes necessary to improve my health and increase my level of happiness. Unhealthy foods, thoughts and relationships were replaced by exercise, meditation, forgiveness, acceptance, and (what turned out to be) a spiritual reawakening.

Business success came easily.

Trying to find happiness, I chased success in business. I discovered that material wealth wasn’t what I needed. Money and material objects couldn’t offer me contentment or peace of mind. I sought more. I wanted to help others. After years of searching, I found my calling: I became a professional life coach, meditation teacher, self-help author, and creator of guided meditations to help others live healthier, happier, less stress-filled lives.

The journey requires a guide.

At times, it seems impossible to work through our problems, but there’s always hope if we understand and embrace our potential and ability to re-create our lives. We accomplish this by making different choices. It’s a simple shift in our thoughts that opens a closed mind and heart. This is where change happens: fearlessly opening your heart and mind to new and exciting possibilities that motivate you to improve the quality of your life. I needed to do the same. Most of the work I did on my own and included reading, prayer, and meditation. However, I also had some wonderful guides along the way. Now I pay it forward by helping others see things more clearly and from a different, more optimistic perspective.

I had some wonderful teachers.

I learned from some of the most respected and progressive teachers and coaches in the world, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Himalayan Institute, etc. I’m grateful for the direction and wisdom I received from them, now I share this wisdom with those who come into my life. Many people have said that I came into their lives at “just the right time” to help them. I believe in destiny, and that if our minds and hearts are open we will receive the guidance we need at just the right time. I believe we’re all meant to help others in our own way, and my destiny is helping others find more peace, happiness, and purpose. If you make the choice to work with me, together we’ll find yours.

Life is a transformative journey.

To unlock our potential and transform our lives, we must be ready to change our life’s direction if the path we are on is no longer working for us. By changing direction we have the opportunity to re-create our lives and enjoy better outcomes. If we take the time to forgive ourselves and others, accepting that none of us are perfect, we can begin experiencing a happier, more rewarding life. If your heart and mind are open to change, I will help you unleash your potential so you can live the life of your dreams.

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