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Make peace with panic naturally

A book by Steve Guarino

Panic Attacks Hurt, but Recovery is Possible

Suffering from panic attacks can feel like you're drowning in a stormy sea. I'm here to provide a lifeboat. I know firsthand how debilitating anxiety can be. I also know that recovery is possible. I struggled with panic attacks for many years and overcame them using the tools and solutions provided in this book.

Make Peace With Panic Naturally is the culmination of years of research, life experience, and experimentation. I have discovered the most effective methods for relieving the symptoms of severe anxiety and I share them with you in an energetic, accessible, easy-to-read e-book format (PDF).

Not only will you learn more about anxiety, including the origins and symptoms of the condition itself, but you will discover tips for relieving your own uncomfortable symptoms and the importance of your relationship to yourself and others, good nutrition and exercise in order to relieve stress. I'll also be there to guide you, step-by-step, as you begin your journey towards a happier, more peaceful life.

If you are caught in the storm of panic, let this book be your lighthouse. The knowledge I've accumulated from tireless research and personal experience will help you find peace and regain your freedom, one chapter at a time.

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Excellent Book providing spot on personal insight and direction to overcome Panic Attacks. Mr Guarino walks you through this common struggle through his life experience and provides a full understanding to help you overcome.
Highly Recommend!
Looking forward to see more from this author.
Thumbs Up

SPOT ON - Personal Insight to Understand and Overcome Panic Attacks
Gerard Schermerhorn - Amazon Customer

This is an excellent book. It is not just about dealing with and overcomming panic attacks. It’s a perscription for good living. Steve shares his journey in a frank and straight forward manner taking the reader from his low points to emerging from the dark.

Rx for good living!
John Gaglione - Amazon customer

This is a phenomenal book written by someone who actually lived and conquered panic attacks. The best part of this book is that the advice is practical and you can implement immediately.

The best part of this book is that the advice is ...
Amazon Customer - Amazon Customer

If you’ve suffered from panic attacks, you’ll find yourself in this book. While reading, I was amazed that the author’s experiences were virtually the same as those my family member, and good friends were going through. All of it was written there almost the same in every detail as we experienced it. The author explained it so well.

I was excited to finally find someone who understood us. In sharing his personal experiences he helped us realize we weren’t losing our minds, just suffering from common symptoms of too much stress, anxiety and fear. The entire time I was reading, I had a wish to speak to the author and share our personal experiences, to tell him we were there too.

In the other half of the book, he offers step-by-step guidance for overcoming panic and leading a healthy and happy life. In order to succeed there are healthy changes needed as well as dedication. It’s also important to reconcile with yourself and to find what really fulfills and inspires you. Book continues with various approaches to natural solutions and lifestyle changes that will put you on the path to becoming free from the terror of panic attacks. I hope you read the book and find the healing that we did.

If you’ve suffered from panic attacks, you’ll find yourself in this book...
Nada - Amazon Customer

As a panic sufferer, it’s important to find information that provides hope. One must realize that panic is not a life sentence! It can be overcome! “Make Peace with Panic Naturally” provides this hope and reassurance. Best of all, the author has personally experienced the frustration and depression associated with anxiety, giving him a deeper understanding of the reader. This book is an intensely personal piece that can bring welcome relief to anxiety sufferers.

Best of all
Meghan,Meghan - Amazon customer

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