How to Create a Meditation Space Just for You

The Importance of a Meditation Space


When incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life, it’s important to have a dedicated space set up in your home. Ideally, this would be a quiet, clutter-free area. If you can devote an extra room as a meditation room that is great. If space is limited, try to choose a quiet low traffic area in your home. You can set up your space in the corner of your bedroom, or perhaps use part of your living room just for meditating.
Having a nice, inviting space already set up for you can make it easier to get into the routine of meditating daily. Your meditation space will become a place you go to unwind, de-stress, and clear your mind. Setting up a meditation space can be a very therapeutic process. It’s a great way to do something special for yourself.


Here are a few ideas of items to incorporate when you create a meditation space in your home:

1. Small Table or Bench

It’s a great idea to incorporate a small table into your space. You can decorate this table with items that are meaningful to you, and it’s a great place to keep water or herbal tea for after a mediation. This small table will be the “focal point” of your meditation space. Keep it simple and personal.


2. CD Player or Portable Speaker

If you find wearing headphones distracting, you can play soothing sounds and guided meditations using a cd player, or by playing the meditation on your phone with the use of a portable speaker.


3. Yoga Mat or Plush Rug

Spread a yoga mat or cozy rug on the floor in front of the small table. If you enjoy laying down to meditate, a yoga mat will give you an extra layer of support. It’s important to get your body as comfortable as possible before you begin meditating. This helps to limit distractions.


4. Meditation Cushions, Pillows, Blankets

If you prefer to sit during meditation, place a plush meditation cushion on top of the yoga mat. Keep a few extra pillows and blankets in a basket close by. Having extra pillows is a great way to ensure your body is supported during your meditation so you can stay present and focus on your breath.


5. Lighting

Choosing the correct lighting is very important. The right lighting will create an ambient and relaxing atmosphere in your space. Place a few candles around the room, or add a soothing Himalayan salt lamp to your table.


6. Aromatherapy

Incorporating scent into a meditation can be a very powerful addition. Use a diffuser to distribute the scent of your favorite essential oil to the room. Some great essential oils to enhance your meditation are lavender, clary sage, and frankincense.


7. Meaningful Objects

If you feel called to add some décor to your space, honor that feeling. Incorporating items that hold special meaning is a great way to personalize your meditation space. Remember to keep it minimal and uncluttered. You can place items on a special tray, or directly on your table. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Photos or artwork
  • A favorite quote
  • A small statue or token that helps you feel connected to a higher power such as Buddha, Ganesh, or Jesus.
  • A live plant to add some life to your space
  • Items found in nature such as shells, feathers, crystals, or stones
  • A small water feature or fountain

I hope these suggestions have inspired you to create your own meditation space. Remember to honor yourself and only include items that feel right to you. If you prefer to meditate sitting in a chair, incorporate a chair into your room. You may even choose to paint your meditation space to make it more personal. In the end, your meditation space will be a sacred space for you to come and relax and get in touch with your true self.

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