How Guided Meditations Help Overcome Fear




We exist in a world of stress, anxiety, and fear. If you are like me and suffer from a panic disorder that causes debilitating panic attacks, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Meditation helps us to calm our bodies, minds, and be more in control of the way we deal with everyday stress, but it’s hard to begin a practice of meditation when you don’t know where to start. Guided meditations are a great way to meditate if you’re just getting started, or even if you’re a seasoned pro who wants a more relaxing, easy to follow, guided session.




Guided Meditations Will Build Your Confidence




My panic attacks weren’t always easy to talk about. I had one panic attack that showed physical signs of a heart attack, so I drove myself to the emergency room of the nearest hospital while calling the paramedics because I thought I was dying. The last thing I wanted to talk to anyone about were the symptoms that were ravaging my body because they made me feel crazy and very self-conscious. Little did I know; this response is common for people who suffer from panic attacks. We are not alone.




If you find yourself in a similar state, not knowing quite how to get help or open up to someone about your own panic attacks, guided meditations are a great way to kick-start the healing process and build the confidence that will help you begin to feel better, sooner rather than later. You deserve to heal and the soothing, healing vocals and sounds of guided meditations will not only reassure you that you are someone worthy of happiness and healing, but it will ease your fear and anxiety.



Guided Meditations Don’t Attract Attention



The best part is, you can listen to guided meditations discretely. If you’re not quite ready to talk to someone, you can listen to guided meditations on the bus, in your office, and at the gym. Anywhere you might wear headphones, guided meditations are a brilliant way to soothe your body and mind without attracting attention you might not feel ready for. Optimally, you’d be somewhere without interruption, such as your own meditation space. I wrote about the importance of creating your own sacred space in another blog, but we can’t always choose when anxiety washes over us. In those situations, grab a set of headphones and tune out or close your eyes.



But it gets easier! After suffering from panic attacks for many years, I know that getting help is the healthiest thing to do. But I couldn’t have done it without first beginning a meditation practice of my own.


Relieve stress with Steve Guarino's guided meditations. A woman meditates in her sacred space. She is wearing a white shirt and pants.


Here are some resources to begin your own guided meditation practice: 







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