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Guided Meditations

Meditation offers a safe and effective way to let go of thoughts and feelings that cause emotional ailments such as excessive anxiety, stress, depression, and even panic attacks. Meditation is proven to reduce these feelings while enhancing feelings of well-being and peace of mind.


As a meditation teacher, and creator of guided meditations, I enjoy helping others get started, or go deeper in their meditation practice. I hope to have the opportunity to help you do so as well.


If you are ready to promote positive changes in your mind and body, check out the meditations I created below. You may find one that is exactly what you are in need of at this time in your life. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will experience a happier, healthier, more peaceful you.

Natural Stress Relief

Have recent stressors in your life felt especially suffocating? Do you feel directionless and overwhelmed? If yes, stress overload is likely impacting your world. Renew with Natural Stress Relief. Reward your best self with the soothing rhythms of this short meditation. Begin healing in only fifteen minutes. Feel rejuvenated to tackle obstacles in your life fearlessly and with passion. Allow peace to reign.

Duration: 14:55

Heart Healing

Revive a sense of peace within yourself amidst overwhelming heartache. Allow the sadness you’re feeling to flow through you and dissipate naturally with the help of the gentle, soothing, energies found in this meditation. Begin to mend your heart and heal by giving yourself the gift of empathy within Heart Healing. Learn to soften and open your heart again. Invite peace back into your soul.

Duration: 28:23

Peace & Harmony

Rediscover happiness that lies dormant within you. Indulge in the brilliant and healing light of the present moment. Allow this smooth, meditative session to lead you to deeper clarity. Put your busy world on silent for thirty minutes to create soothing energy that lasts. With Peace & Harmony, you’ll finally discover the power within you to nourish yourself and add abundance to your own life. Let your perfect harmony shine.

Duration: 34:12

Health & Wellness

Replace your thoughts of discomfort and affliction with new, powerful healing energy that radically increases your level of wellbeing. Allow the supportive words and tones of Health & Wellness to lift your ailments away as Steve helps you experience thoughts of health that turn into feelings you can build on for a deeper sense of worthiness, vigor, and happiness. Find renewed energy and a rekindled zest for life in this healing meditation.

Duration: 34:12


Let go of the pain holding you back. Feel lighter, more aware, and more fulfilled. Overcome grief and guilt with Self-Forgiveness. This meditation will help give you the gift of forgiveness you truly deserve. Spend this time healing intentionally with its smooth sounds and sensations, designed to soothe and energize. You are divine, and worthy of receiving this gift. Feel your own loving energy as it reawakens and revitalizes you.

Duration: 40:12

Forgiveness & Freedom

Holding onto emotional pain and resentment only punishes yourself for actions which are out of your control. Walk yourself through a gentle process of healing with Forgiveness & Freedom. Learn the process of forgiveness so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier, more satisfying life, that is under your control. Allow this gentle meditation to amplify your inner freedom. Experience a lighter way of living.

Duration: 46:14

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