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My Promise: To Listen, Hear and Help.

Finding the right life coach isn’t easy. I know; I’ve been there. To help you in your process, a little insight into my approach: What to expect, what you’ll get, and what you won’t. So if you’re at rock-bottom or seeking refuge from life’s turbulence, my commitment is to help. And if my approach is a little different, it’s in the right ways and for all the right reasons.

I provide coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses from all over the world.  We can work together by whatever means is most comfortable for you, either by electronic communication, in-person meeting, or worksite seminar.


Please complete the contact page if you’re interested in exploring the opportunity to work together in order to accomplish your goals.  It’s important to be as thorough as possible about what you’re looking to achieve during our time together as well as your preferred method to conduct our appointments.


  • You won’t be judged.

    I don’t believe in it. And perhaps more to the point, you’ll get the real me, raw and unfiltered.

  • Count on safe haven.

    We’ll create a sacred environment, where you feel safe sharing and looking deeper than ever before.

  • I’m a terrific listener.

    I like to talk, but it’s your time and about you, and I won’t get in the way of that with self-promotion, our focus is you.

  • I won’t lecture you.

    I’ll talk with you, not at you, guiding you inward where limitless power and solutions await your awareness. I know at times it seems impossible. But there is always hope if we embrace our potential to recreate our lives to achieve better outcomes. Exchanging closed minds for open hearts, and finding someone to help as I did. Think of me more as your guide than your teacher.

  • I ask many questions.

    Some probing, perhaps even unsettling, but the idea is for you to open-up and for me to get out of your way.

  • I’m on your side.

    From a sympathetic ear to a shoulder to cry on, to tips and tools to break through, I’ll be there with you.

  • My focus is you.

    I’ll come to our time together with no personal agenda, giving you a peaceful, uncluttered place to share and grow.

  • Why I do what I do.

    I’ve been there, suffered mightily and found answers inside to overcome it all. Now my focus is helping others find what I have.

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