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Steve is an open minded, sensitive person and an expert listener. It is clear that his intention is to help people; his thought provoking questions asked through a non-intrusive approach develops trust and a strong rapport with those he works with. Steve is able to foster forward growth through an interactive dialogue that is free from judgement. I believe Steve will be a tremendous asset to all that work with him as a life/ wellness coach.

Sheri Bestor - Professional Consultant / Writer

One of the things I’ve appreciated about the process is your kind, compassionate nature. I’ve never felt judged and have felt safe to share and explore. You have a nice ability to lead the internal process in a loving and calm way. I’ve appreciated that you have shared some of your experiences as well.

After 25 years of utilizing many avenues of recovery and personal growth, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find something that actually works well and brings results. I am seeing results and progress from the short time we have been working together. For me, it has been a process of bringing my unconscious beliefs, thoughts, actions & fears to my conscious awareness. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to explore the areas of my life that still need to be surrendered so that I can find acceptance and embrace them as a potential gift. The internal process, finding the willingness to surrender and accept, looking at ways I resist, and creating positive action steps have all been beneficial. The shadow belief is also very powerful and is something that has the potential to be truly life changing.

Thanks for being part of my Higher Power’s plan to heal my life and to live the life of my dreams!

Susan Kane

I can’t say enough good things about my time working with Steve. As a coach, Steve intuitively understood my needs and was able to ensure that the work we did each week would provide the maximum benefit. Steve was able to help me achieve many of my long-held goals–to become more organized, to envision my true potential, and to take steps to achieve the things I’ve imagined throughout my life. I highly recommend Steve as a life coach. He has a personal history of success and, in his very generous way, is thoughtfully dedicated to helping others write–and live–their own success stories.

Susan Chapman - Professional Freelance Writer / Author

When my world seems confused, my universe seems tilted, 5 minutes of your spirit and words bring things back into focus. You inspire me, and motivate my energy that needs to be fed with positive thoughts. Thank you for being such a solid and true role model.

Gerry Schermerhorn

I met Steve during his amazing journey of healing he writes about in this book.  What impressed me most as a Chiropractor and natural health doctor was his desire and passion for finding his healing “inside”.  You will discover in this wonderful book that the secrets to lifelong healing (not symptom management) all stem from the truth that healing only ever comes when the inside of you (mind, body, and spirit) is balanced and functioning optimally so that you can handle the “outside” forces of life that are responsible for the decay of our health.  Steve lays out those secrets in an easy and simple way using his own experiences and includes easy to follow action steps that will make your journey more peaceful and enjoyable.

Dr. Milonas

Steve and I have been friends for over three years. He is a man of many talents and he is highly respected by many people. He enlightens you with his knowledge and his presence. I have participated in many of his meditation classes and I leave with a sense of peace and wellness. He is so full of life and passion that his skills as a life couch come naturally to him. He is a leader of life decisons and is a true professional at everything that he puts his mind to. I would highly recommend him as a life coach!

Toula G. Smith
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